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Idris Elba does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live and calls out Bradley Cooper, Taraji P. Henson and Prince Harry! #ALSIceBucketChallenge

August 27th, 2014   0 – Idris Elba is promising fans that there will be more of his BBC series “Luther.” Following statements at the 66th primetime Emmy Awards saying the show will continue on in some form, Elba elaborates on his plans and dreams for the critically acclaimed detective series.

“Neil Cross and I was at the table last night at dinner going, ‘Are we doing this? We doing it? We doing it? We doing it,” Elba tells Zap2it while promoting his new movie “No Good Deed.” “It’s not inked. There’s no situation yet, but it’s on the cards. I want to see it happen. We’re going to get more ‘Luther.’”

When pressed for more information, Elba admits that the next installation of the “Luther” story won’t be a new season, or a feature film like was originally hoped for. He still does hope for a “Luther” movie, though.

“I think we just figured out a mechanism to get to the movie easier. Right now it felt a little unorganic to go from three seasons, then a movie. So what we’re designing is this middle pit section, designed to introduce the audience toward the movie,” Elba explains. “I think it would be a one-off special; a big two-hour special of ‘Luther’ which is designed to spear the audience into going, ‘OK, now we can go into big movie time.’”

August 22nd, 2014   0 — Idris Elba is flexing a new muscle these days: his directing muscle. The Golden Globe-winning actor is teaming up with longtime pal K. Michelle (Love & Hip Hop) for her Rebellious Soul: The Musical. The hip hopera airs on VH1 on Tuesday, August 19. Described by the network as a “dark and cautionary tale,” Rebellious Soul brings Michelle’s album to life through narrative. Think R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet.

“[R. Kelly] was my mentor when I first got in the business,” Michelle tells ET Online. “I used to really watch [Trapped in the Closet] and pay close attention to it. After that, I always wanted to do it.” Elba, who immediately jumped on board after an informal conversation with Michelle. “I was sitting around talking to him about it. He said he wanted to do it and I was like, ‘No, you don’t.’ But he was on it the next day,” she says. “He and I talked about my vision and he completely stepped it up. He didn’t want it to be shot like a regular music video, he wanted it to have a different texture to it.”

“It’s really crazy to see how humble and down to earth this man is,” Michelle gushes. “Directing, he’s so creative. He’s so in the zone. Nothing distracts him and he’s not going to let anything distract that cast.” That’s not to say that it was all work on no play. “He was big on me having as many drinks as I like,” she adds with a laugh. “Keeping me focused! He’s about business, man. I look forward to seeing more things from him. He’s really good at [directing].”

August 13th, 2014   0

Idris Elba attended the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Summer Screenings at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London on July 1st, 2014 in Watford, England. 10 high quality photos have been added to our photo library.

4.jpg 10.jpg 2.jpg 8.jpg 3.jpg

August 13th, 2014   0

Idris Elba is featured on the cover of Details September 2014 Issue! I’ve added 3 shoots photographed by Mark Seliger as well as one scan of Idris on the cover. You can check it out below!

1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg

August 13th, 2014   0 The badass Brit has an impressive résumé—from acclaimed parts in The Wire and Mandela to popcorn fare like Pacific Rim and this month’s No Good Deed—but that hardly explains his legions of admirers and the intense passions he inspires. No, there is something to the 41-year-old actor that goes beyond talent, something elusive and rare, and so undefinable we simply say he’s got “it.”

“Do I make you nervous with my knife?” asks Idris Elba, playfully brandishing a big shiny blade. The mock-sinister tease—raised eyebrows, velvet baritone—could have come straight from one of Elba’s bad guys.

But today’s script calls for a lighter touch: Six feet three and built like a stack of cannonballs, Elba is wrapped in a pinstripe apron and sipping peppermint tea in the kitchen of an old warehouse. The space has been transformed into the recipe-development lair of his pal, the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The only thing Elba will be threatening with that knife today is a pile of onions ready to be minced.

Elba’s here to test a recipe his mother gave to Oliver: groundnut soup. “It’s not caviar,” Elba explains in a booming dance-hall voice that’s at once at home here in East London and hard to place. “It’s cheap, cheerful, and quick. It’s like the fish ‘n’ chips of Sierra Leone.”

The hearty peanut-butter-thickened okra-and-chicken stew is, indeed, the unofficial national dish of Sierra Leone, the birthplace of Elba’s late father, Winston. And the version being made today is a family recipe: Eve, Elba’s Ghanaian mother, taught him to make the stew when he was 10 years old. He’s been perfecting his technique ever since. Oliver plans to include the recipe in a book of comfort food, due out this fall, as a tribute to Winston, who passed away last year at the age of 76.

Elba moved back to London from Los Angeles to be with his ailing father. After Winston died, following a grueling bout with lung cancer, the Hackney-born actor (full name: Idrissa Akuna Elba) decided to stay on. “This is where my ambition started, you know?” Elba says. “I fell in love with a movie—some live-action Spider-Man at the Rio in Shoreditch. Saturday-matinee situation, kids climbin’ all over. But I was just fascinated. I knew from age 10 that this was the industry I wanted to be in.” For Elba, the homecoming is a chance to regroup—as well as a staging ground of sorts for another act in a varied career and life.

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I’ve added candids of Idris Elba on the set of his new film “A Hundred Streets” on 8th to our photo gallery.

3.jpg 4.jpg 14.jpg 10.jpg 8.jpg

August 13th, 2014   0

I’ve added a sets of candids of Idris Elba on the set of his new film “A Hundred Streets” on August 2nd to our photo gallery. Many thanks to Claudia at! You can check them out below.

4.jpg 12.jpg 19.jpg 17.jpg 15.jpg

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